Amount Applied as Offset

The amount deducted and applied to an outstanding unemployment compensation overpayment balance. This amount is not included in the Payment Amount. TOP


A procedure to review a determination on eligibility for unemployment compensation. For more information on this procedure please go TOP

Child Support Withheld

The amount deducted, based on court order, and sent to the Support Enforcement Agency. This amount is not included in the Payment Amount. TOP

Claim Week Ending

This date will always be a Saturday. It is used to represent a calendar week for unemployment compensation purposes. TOP

Date Paid

The date the unemployment payment was issued. TOP

Deduction for Partial Earnings

This amount shows 2/3 of any gross earnings or holiday pay deducted from the weekly benefit rate or the amount of severance or vacation pay deducted from the weekly benefit rate. This amount is not included in the Payment Amount. TOP

Dependency Allowance

The amount included in the payment that represents dependency allowance. TOP


You may be entitled to a dependency allowance for each child for whom you are the whole or main support and who falls into one of the following categories: under 18 years of age; under 21 years of age and a full-time student; a mentally or physically handicapped child of any age.

You may be entitled to a dependency allowance for your spouse if, as of today's date, your spouse is unemployed, lives in the same household with you and has not worked during the past three months; or is pregnant; or has a mental or physical disability expected to last for a long or indefinite time. TOP

Educational institution

An employer who is approved, licensed or issued a permit to operate as a school by the State Department of Education or other governmental agency authorized to issue such licenses or permit for the operation of a school. The course of study or training offered may be academic, technical, trade or in preparation for employment in a recognized occupation. TOP

Employer registration number

A seven-digit number listed on line A of the UC-61 "Unemployment Notice. TOP


Based on reported earnings, this is the amount of unemployment benefits you could be paid if determined to be otherwise eligible. TOP

Federal Government

Means you worked for any Department of the United States Government, including the Post Office but excluding the military. TOP

Federal Income Tax Withheld

The amount deducted for federal income tax withholding. This amount is not included in the Payment Amount. TOP

Gross Wages

Total amount paid to you by your part-time employer before any deductions. TOP


A payment made by the employer, at the time of separation, above and beyond wages earned, to cover a day off for a holiday (that is after the time of separation). TOP


Means you are not entering information on the data screens. TOP

Method of Payment

DC - Debit Card

DD - Direct Deposit

PC - Paper Check TOP


A Classification Code as contained in the Classifications and Statistical Codes Manual published by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. (NCCI). This code is necessary for construction workers to file initial claims for unemployment compensation benefits. This code may be found on Form UC-61, "Unemployment Notice", line F, provided by your employer. TOP

Officer of a corporation

Officer of a company registered with the Secretary of the State as a corporation. TOP

Other than Connecticut

This means any of the other 49 states or Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the District of Columbia, or Canada. TOP

Payment Amount

The net amount of unemployment compensation paid for the claim week ending date. This amount includes any payment for dependents. TOP


Means you are receiving benefits from an employer sponsored pension plan, which could include a union pension, profit sharing, annuity, and other retirement pay. If you have not worked for this contributing employer in the last year and a half, you MAY use our online system. TOP

Primary Occupation

The type of work that you have performed for the longest period of time or consider to be your main occupation. TOP

Returning to work

Means that your employer is temporarily closed but has given you a return to work date that is no more than six weeks from the last day worked. TOP

Secondary Occupation

Type of work that you are willing to accept other than your primary occupation. TOP


Means you own your own business or perform work for another individual's business but hold yourself out to the public as an independent entity. TOP


Time spent in any branch of the military. TOP


A payment made by the employer, at the time of separation, above and beyond wages earned (may also be called wages in lieu of notice or dismissal pay). TOP

Shared Work

This is a voluntary program providing an alternative to layoffs for employers faced with a temporary decline in business. For more information on this program, please go to TOP

Social Security Number

Your nine-digit number given to you by the Social Security Administration and used by employers to report your earnings to the Connecticut Department of Labor. Also used by the Connecticut Department of Labor to access your records. TOP

State Income Tax Withheld

The amount deducted for state income tax withholding. This amount is not included in the Payment Amount. TOP


The disposition of the claim for the claim week ending:

  1. H - HELD - claim held, no payment issued
  2. P - PAID - claim held then paid
  3. V - VOID - claim voided, never paid
  4. R - REISSUE - payment issued, but payment had to be reissued after being voided
  5. Z - Payment issued and Payment subsequently voided
  6. O - week used for total offset or penalty week
  7. B - OBR - Weekly deduction amount is greater than the weekly benefit amount, no payment issued
  8. Space - Default value for paid

Totally Unemployed

Means you have separated from employment and are no longer working at any job, including self-employment. TOP


This option is voluntary. If chosen, both federal and state income tax will be withheld from your weekly benefit payments at the following rates: 10% federal withholding; 3% state withholding. TOP

U.S. Military

Means you were on active duty for more than 90 days for any branch of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard). TOP


A payment made by the employer, at the time of separation, above and beyond wages earned, for time that was accrued while employed and not used before last day worked. TOP

Were you on any other approved medical leave?

Means an employer approved leave of absence for medical reasons, whether paid or unpaid. TOP

Whole or Main

You are the whole or main support of a dependent child if you provide more than 50 percent of that child's support (food, room, other expenses). TOP